I have a very beautiful life. I’m so rich. I can eat whatever I want. I can play games when I want. I’m so famous. Because I’m an actor in shows. So a lot of people love me so much. I think I’m lucky. But yesterday, before sleeping, I watched documentary about the people who cant eat something, who can’t drink water or anything like that. Then I slept. I had some dreams about it. When I woke up I called my mum. She didn’t answer it because she lives in streets. But it wasn’t my fault. I called her but I couldn’t find her. So I found her phone number. I made a big decision. I will resign!!! I took the podium with applause to make a speech. I was just about to start talking when I saw her in the crowd. She was my mum!!!! I resigned but my mum disappeared. I think I saw a dream. I  cried a lot and I gave my money to poor people.

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