Beauty Is Endless

Beauty standards affect our lives every single day. Because people in society care so much about our looks.It would be safe to say that an “ugly” person’s life and mentality is completely different from a person who society think is beautiful .Because of this kind of situations people who society think that is ugly try to change their appearance every day.But of course every beauty standarts change time to time . Especially with development of technology and social media beauty standarts effect more people than it should be.


Beauty is a topic that can change from person to person. Everyone has their own beauty aspects , so a person that you find “ugly” can be really pretty for me.Or it was like that before .Like i said with development of social media created a certain type of  beauty.People start to think and find pretty a specific type of person because of social media.Unfortunatly the beauty standarts that they expect us to fit in (especially for women) is far from reality.Or in other another way of saying this is they want us to create an image of perfection.Just like most of us use social media , celebrities and influencers use social media.They also use it to show themselves by creating an image Of perfection.Then teenagers see those people in social media and try to fit in unrealistic beauty standars while this can effect their mental health in  a horrible way.What they do not know is that most of the people they think fits in the standarts are really insecure.Because beauty is endless and if you do not accept yourself in everyway you cant feel pretty even when other people do.In order to be and feel pretty is to love yourself.You have to be confident with the way you look.With the attraction of law when you start to think  and behave like you are pretty , automaticly people around you would start to think that you are pretty


So no matter how you look you should be proud with the way you look.Your body is precious and it will be with you until you die. Know that that nothing else matter other than your health but if you still want to be pretty and health at the same time, loving yourself is the first step.

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