Beauty Standards

With the development of social media, many things have changed in our lives. For example, our perceptions of beauty. Perceptions of beauty have always existed, but they were not as common today. Maybe people just didn’t care that much. After social media, people created new perceptions of beauty; like small nose, thin waist, colorful eyes, and blond hair. People who do not have these have always been segregated or criticized by society.

The situation of exclusion in this society is a very important issue today. In fact, there are many examples that we can see on social media. People who want to say enough is enough for this situation are trying to make their voices heard through social media. But unfortunately, instead of destroying the perceptions of beauty, we create new perceptions of beauty. For example, while we say insulting words to thin people, we say things like you don’t mind what anyone says you are beautiful to overweight people. Instead of hurting people, why can’t we love everyone the way they are?



Or isn’t it ridiculous to make a perception of beauty that people can’t change? For example, while our skin color, white skin, is often praised, people with dark skin are said hurtful things or our hairstyle cant change. In addition, if a person likes himself, no one has the right to interfere with it, even if he does not like himself, he has no right to interfere, this life is not his life, it is only his responsibility to interfere. If we can empathize with this, maybe everything will be better.


Also, I think beauty doesn’t have to be just physical. When we look at the society in general, it generally thinks about beauty only in physical terms. People’s thoughts and characters can be beautiful, and I think this is more important than physical beauty. Physical beauty will disappear one day when we get old, but our thoughts always stay with us. In other words, there is a huge problem of ignorance and empathy in terms of beauty in society. Instead of rooting out this problem, we create new perceptions and trends.

    In other words, since social media has become an important part of our lives, perceptions of beauty continue to settle in the center of our lives. Instead of destroying it, we change it. It’s like ditching our problems instead of solving them. As Honore de Balzac said, “Beauty is often a veil that hides imperfections.” It is not outer beauty that matters, but inner beauty. The beauty of the soul is not as easily seen as the beauty of the body.

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