Beauty Trends

Beauty trends have been existing since hundreds of years ago. These beauty trends are very important in a person’s life. If you are ‘ugly’ you have less chance finding a job, making friends etc. compared to ‘prettier’ people but how do people decide what is beautiful and what is not?

Beauty trends mostly come from famous people. People wanting to look like a celebrity has been a thing since the start of celebrities. Usually when a celebrity is at their peak they start at least one beauty trend. A lot of examples can be given for this like women wanting bigger lips after Kylie Jenner got lip fillers, women wanting the Avril Lavigne hairstyle and men starting to wear colorful make up after many male celebrities tried a more feminine look. These beauty trends usually dont last long though. Some old trend looks may look ridicilous to people right now but it was considered extremely beautiful a short time ago like 2 years or some times only a few months. So it is safe to say there is no permanent beauty trend. For example having no eyebrows was considered peak beauty while now having thick full eyebrows are better liked.

How does beauty trends change is a commonly asked question and the most common answer to this question is the internet. The internet is the main reason people’s perception of beauty changes over time. If a person sees people who share a common feature always being praised on the internet they unintentionally think that feature is extremely pretty. The features being praised always changes but the praise never stops. So it is easy seeing features or aesthetics being trends for a couple months than being forgotten or called cringe because a new feature or aesthetic has became the new trend. Something will never be considered ugly or beautiful forever. For example people with freckles have said it feels weird seeing people being praised for the feature that got them bullied some years ago.

In conclusion people’s perception of beauty change overtime because of the trends started on the internet and something that was considered ugly may be seen as a extremely beautiful thing. The opposite is also possible. Something is never ugly or beautiful forever.

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