Becoming Ugly While Searching For Beauty

The perception of beauty is a perception that differs from person to person. It deprives a person of the things they truly love, causing us to miss the inner beauty while seeking to satisfy those perceptions. It is based on people’s perception of beauty, including their own social media accounts. I think the biggest problem with this is the complexity of social thought.

People have been avoiding looking for personalities. Everyone is caught in a perception of beauty. Everyone has “shop” applications in their phones now. They filter a photo with all kinds of effects to beautify a picture just to look flawless.We are surrounded by people who have weakened themselves with apps, add make-up to their face and change many other things. Unfortunately, completely fake people are starting to form.What is the reason for this, why do we evaluate the people in front of us not by their thoughts, their mindset, but by their appearance?  There is even a crowd that does not communicate with people who do not conform to the perception of beauty, and I think the only reason for this is to make people like them. Even today’s commercials and TV series are based on certain perceptions. The lead girl is always blonde, thin, tall, with colored eyes.  The other lead actor is a male handsome, well built. Isn’t that just a gimmick, why aren’t there really real-world characters playing? Why are all agencies filled with girls out of Barbie toys?  In fact, we see the same girls or boys everywhere. They are all copies of each other.

These days, even people we meet on social media go before their chat and see how they look in their photos and what they wear. After all, none of us are perfect. But everyone is chasing for perfection. They want to be so cool that they miss the real, the natural one. If we don’t break these perceptions, we can never be happy. We do not think about the mentality and quality of the other person. What is sufficient for us is the admiration of our hair and clothes. Some continue to do so even though they are aware of it.  Of course, we don’t have to like everyone or make everyone like ourselves, but we shouldn’t drag ourselves to a certain point by getting caught in perception, people are not robots, they were not produced in a certain order. The important thing is to establish the correct ratio of quality and beauty.  If we can achieve this, I’m sure we will be much happier and gradually we will destroy these perceptions all over the world. 

The phrase “inner beauty is what counts” has lost its meaning day by day because of the virtual environment. Let’s not get away from our truth, let’s not become ugly because we will look for the beautiful. Beauty standards change every day.

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