Behind The Door

One Sunday night, while I was drinking my coffee, the door rang. I couldn’t blieve what I saw when I opened the door. There was a colorful box but I dont wait any cargo. there was no one around and I take the box. First I didn’ t open the box. 1-2 hours wait and I wondered and open the box. in the box have one note, some picture and a lots of maney. I started reading the note. The note says; it said take the money in the box dear brotherd. I was very skeptical at first. I think maybe His brother sent that money to his sister to pay for the surgery or rent. I was sleepy because it was evening and I slept. In the morning I looked at the note again and saw that there was an address on the back. I decided to go to the addres. it was snowing outside. I put on my coat and walked to that address. Before I knocked on the door, I thought if I should spend that much money. Then I said it could be used for an important job and I knocked on the door. A young blonde-haired short girl opened the door. I said that this box came to me but it does not belong to me. The woman said the box came to her. He said his brother had sent him to pay the rent and thanked him.

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