Behind the Scenes

As a spectator of this play which we called life, we know that it does not composed of the play. There was some rehearsals, discussions and this kind of other stuffs. Additionally, the only way that we can see this pre work is hidden in the play, for instance if the play is too strong and also cast’s performance is so mesmerizing, spectators think that they prepared so consistently.

  Likewise theatre, there are some scenes in our daily life: meeting someone, taking an exam or etc. even though we did not see before, these actions also carry the quality of theatre parts. In order to clarify this sentence, we may consider on an example of students life. Normally, students have a certain responsibilities to do, and finally taking exams and graduate from school to new adventures. If students study regularly with a plan, we will wait a good results but other factors can affect our consequences.  If consequences do not have enough quality, everyone will not care your work and the time you spend.

Whatever happens in any place we should not forget the probabilities of our world. Even some events which have so small percentage probabilities are not impossible. Sometimes we can pass the exam that we did not study or we cannot even though we studied so much. It is natural thing and it not a thing that we can judge. That is why people say look at the hail side of the glass. Studying only redound the probability but studying cannot proof that we can pass the exam.

The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong

As a result, we should not judge plays with its quantity because we cannot see the behind of the scene. This subject can combine with so many other, various topic and we need to comply that everything can happen every time even if it comes so impossible.

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