Being Average is the Best

Every parent wants their children to be successful in life. In today’s world being successful depends on the student’s academic results. If a student is good at classes, he is successful. But if he is not good at classes and fails the exams, he is not successful. But some people think that being an average student is enough. Because this way, the student . will have enough time to learn other skills and have hobbies.


People may deny this but it is a fact that students that have average grades have more spare time than the students that have the best grade in the school. And they can use this time to gain new hobbies, and socialize. They could also use this time to improve their skills on other things. These social skills and hobbies may give the individual a different perspective to life. They also have an alternative job choice. If they are interested in a sport branch, they have the advantage of becoming a professional if the plan A ,which is academic success, does not work. But the student that has the best grades does not have this advantage since while they obtained the best grades, they could not gain a hobby or improve their social or general skills.


On the other hand, other people think that this is a very low possibility since becoming a sportsman for a living is so hard. They think that academic success is the best for a successful future. They think that gaining new hobbies and spending time on those hobbies is a waste of time. They could focus on their classes and study in their spare time. They also do not think that socializing is a necessary thing. They say that social skills are unnecessary for a successful future. But in the 21st century, social skills are very important for success. Furthermore, they think that only the ones that have the best grades can be rich.


To sum up, people have different opinions about the key to a successful future. Some think it is academic success and some think it is the relationships with people. In my opinion, being a student that has average grades is the best to become a successful individual in the future. And the reason why I think this way is that I have seen very successful people in my life and when I asked them about their school grades, most of them said they had average grades back at the time. That is why I think having average grades is the key to a successful future.



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