Being Beautiful

Perception of beauty changes from person to person. It depends on what you like about someone’s look. Actually, when you think, some people come beautifully to some people, some people don’t.

Your perception of beauty even can change in time. Your thoughts can get affected by social media or by other people’s ideas. As on every topic, not everyone has to think that one kind of feature looks good. Also, our thoughts get affected by the internet a lot, and they can change with what the internet has shown us. If ı have to give n example, ı can say that the pictures of popular singers or popular supermodels change our perspective on beauty. Maybe we found fat people beautiful but when we look at the internet, to social media platforms we can see that skinny people are always described as beautiful. They are always shown as beautiful people but actually, this can change from person to person as I said before. Social media constantly shows us what most people found beautiful, like a straight nose, thick lips, a thin belly, and lots of these kinds of things.

Some people also shame others about their body and their features. They do not think about how would others get affected by what they say, they only think about themselves, they do not care about others and they make them sad. And it’s just because they don’t find those people’s physical features beautiful.

People also give lots of importance to being beautiful. Actually, it shouldn’t be a thing that we always think about it, or talk about it cause this affects all people’s lives, and mostly in a bad way. Even little children think that they are ugly and cry about it. This is really bad, it really hurts me.

As a result, we can say that perception of beauty changes from person to person, and social media affects our ideas about the perception of beauty too much. Also, we give too much importance to being beautiful, this shouldn’t be a thing that everyone cares about a lot. Actually, there is no such thing that we can say “This is beautiful.” Being beautiful is not a fact, it changes from person to person.

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