Being Certain Of Something

Emin Olmak - II | DBE Davranış Bilimleri Enstitüsü

Sometimes, as humans, we may not be sure about certain things, it’s very natural. When we are unsure, some of us can take risks, while others try to continue without risk. We want to minimize the negative reaction from the face. However, sometimes even if we don’t take risks, we may encounter negativities. That’s why we always try to be sure.


To give an example, the majority of people, especially people my age, are not sure what kind of feedback will come from the smallest action or the slightest word in family conversations, and they remain silent. For myself, I act according to my fair share, if my fair share is more, I take risks and I can respond. Of course, this should not be said only negatively, even in normal conversations, when I want to say something, I can choose the words carefully.


To give another example, important responsibilities given to you by a person who trusts you very much. A person who trusts you a lot will not want to let him down. Especially if you trust him too. However, while fulfilling these responsibilities, we can be at very critical points, and in our slightest move, we may even fall back into thinking, “Is it okay if I do this?”. If I had to give an example from myself, while I was doing a project homework, I was not sure whether the teacher would accept it or not. But I decided to take the risk and do it. When I showed it to the teacher, the teacher said that it was better if I did this. I was really relieved.


Another factor that makes people different from other people is our appearance. We may not even be sure of our appearances to make people think better of us. For example, I prefer to wear sweatpants than pants, but in some cases I can not be sure and I wear trousers. We can’t be sure not only in clothes but also in jewelry and similar products that we wear, and we usually do not take risks, or if we do, we take the lowest risks.


Although I try not to take risks, Robin Sharma’s quote “The biggest risk is not taking risks” makes a lot of sense in some situations. So, are you risk free or do you take a small risk and continue?

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