Loneliness means the quality of being unfrequented and remote; being isolated. This situation can affect people by giving a free time to think without being responsible for anything. But for some people, it feels like a being in an endless desert with nobody …

Anton Chekhov is a famous writer that wrote classic and popular books and plays like “About Love” and “The Cherry Orchard”. Albert Einstein is a theoretical physicist that made famous theories and law as “The Law of Photoelectric Effect”, “Quantum Theory of Light” and “The Law of Relativity”. These two people have different opinions about being lonely. Chekhov claims that loneliness makes people less creative and supports his opinion by saying” For anyone who feels lonely, everywhere is a desert.” It cannot be said for Einstein because he supports the opposite opinion by his words: “The uniformity and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind.” But who is right according to whom?

First, we need to look into their interest to know more about them. Chekhov is a writer that interested in literature which we can consider an art. But Albert Einstein is a theoretical physicist who is interested in more scientific things like space and time that we can consider a science. So, there are two different ideas that are created by two different people. We can notice that the type of subject they are interested in affects their opinions. Because if you are an artist or a writer can you draw or write about people, the environment, and your observation without knowing them? If you are a scientist can you invent or make new things without having free time to think about them?

Also, loneliness can affect well for example Shakespeare wrote “King Lear” while in quarantine even though he is interested in literature. Because he had time to think and come up with a new idea.
In conclusion, people should be sociable to observe the people and get their ideas. But at some point, they should be alone to think about their and others’ opinions to create new things.


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