Being Known?

The success, where does it come from and what is it good for? Heavens, I know that was so classic to be an entering sentence. Entering sentence is not the thing you came here for anyways, as I suppose? Yearningly, here I am writing again.
According to my ideas, being successful at art and/or sports is not that related with being known. Reaching the point you want is about the passion you have in you. Everything you need is hidden in it. For example, a very well known man, named Stephen Hawking. Obsessed with space. Relying only on a device to tell the world what he has in his mind. Can you say that he was doing all these for fame? I would not dare if I were you. Not saying that it is not a good factor, but I do not think he was planning on it when he asked the doctor “What about the brain?”. Gradually losing the control of nearly all the muscles he had, he again found himself in his thinking place at the end. Universe with all it had waiting to be revealed by mankind were his passions.

Suffering from ALS, if that is not enough to make someone give up from his/her real interests, then how could “not being famous” do? Thankfully it of course could not, if it is real ambition and desire that we are talking about. Obviously it would not be so easy to achieve things without them too.
Well, you can say that being given courage to proceed is so important indeed. Real talk, you are right, but we are talking about fame. If you are seeking mental support you can get it from people around you, like your family or your friends. Therefore that is nothing more than an excuse. Eagerness does not allow you to hide behind this kind of excuses anyways and is what you need in your way to succeed.
Hence there may remain a question like “The topic is about art and sports, but you gave an example about science, what?” let me tell you the way I think of things. Even though the term “art” is defined as different ways of people expressing themselves, I think science has a lot do do with it. Literally. Perspection is the key in this situation, “what if the nature and beauty of all the things existing are a way of god expressing himself?”.

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