I think one of the worst thought is what will others think or say about you. Why do you care? I might say it is a bad idea but I am also under the thought of what are they thinking of me. Wondering and curiosity is something attractive and sometimes we are unable to stop ourselves from feeling those. We might think they are thinking something bad for us but the question is if you have the courage to ask yourself the big question.

That big question is “Am I happy with who am I and what am I doing?” I am not saying don’t listen to anyone’s opinions. Opinions and advices are really good for you. I am also not saying fight someone randomly because it makes you happy. What I am  saying is don’t stop dancing because they said you are bad, don’t stop dreaming because it isn’t possible and the most important thing is not stop being you because they said you weren’t good enough. So from now on, I will become myself doing mistakes and doing what makes me happy. Are you joining me in this joy of being yourself? Now gaze out of the window with a cup of coffee and imagine a life always being you.

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