Belief Conflict

Religion is a set of rules sent through prophets who tell people about their responsibilities towards Allah and direct people towards right and beautiful things. Allah’s advice is conveyed to people through religions. What we call religion/belief is something that is everywhere in our lives and it is up to us to use it properly. In the world we live in now, every person has the freedom to believe in the religion they want, and we are in an age where everybody has to respect that.

Prophets and holy books were sent to guide them in the world and to remind them of the rules over and over. The purpose of the books is to help people succeed in this exam with their free will. In addition, if another person looks at the conditions of another person’s religion, he thinks that that person is enslaved. The situation is that if a person has chosen the religion he believes in his own free will and fulfills the rules of this religion voluntarily, it is not enslavement. but in the past and even today, there are some movements where all kinds of inhuman things are done to force them to believe in religion. We can’t force anyone to believe in a religion, of course everyone has their own will of reason. That’s why people don’t believe it or not. If we come to the subject, if a person is forced to believe in a religion and is prevented from acting according to his own will, that is the enslavement of religion. Because a religion that he believes in force means that the kings also enforce it, and in this case, that person cannot be free. For example, there have been religious wars in the past due to conflicts of interest of different religious views. Religious wars When a religious group begins to suppress people of other religions or wants to spread their own religion, wars are usually the cause.

In conclusion, the liberation or enslavement of a religion varies according to the conditions under which that religion is believed. Therefore, we cannot say for sure that religion privatizes or enslaves.

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