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Human brains are in need for believing something. This need is mostly caused by the need of answers and explanations. That’s why humans began to create beliefs. They started to search the answers based on their beliefs so they could understand to become freer. Humans continued to creating and developing beliefs. But after a while people started to be misled and polarized. They became more enslaved while trying to emancipate. So do beliefs actually liberate people or enslave them?

Most of the beliefs are looking at the world from some perspective that gives the answers. They give meanings to things that happens in the world. They give meanings to the birth even death. Or sometimes they just found everything meaningless. But in general they are mostly made for the explanations. They try to give answers to their questions. So other people, who are looking for the same answers, starts to join others beliefs. That made beliefs to grow faster whit more people believing them. More people whit more perspectives, growth the beliefs. But that caused the beliefs to change slowly.

After beliefs got bigger they started to change. We can say most of the beliefs are not same with their past versions. Of course nothing can remain same while the time goes on. But the problem vagabond simply begins where humans starts to believe without questioning.

Human brains are used to choose the easiest path in every situation. Brains don’t like to think much on something, which makes it easy to believe something without questioning if they are true or not. That’s why humans can be manipulated easily. Some humans of course will took the advantage of that. One of the easiest manipulation way is using people’s beliefs. By changing them in a way that works for us and teaching them as it’s the truth, we can use them. By doing this, lots of people rule some little groups, sometimes whole countries. They enslaved people for their benefits.

To summarize beliefs made for basic human needs as questioning. People used them to find the explanations they were looking for. In most of the time they did that but there are always some people that uses everything for their benefits. So they used beliefs for themselves. They simply enslaved people for themselves. In my opinion that believes are for liberating us. They give us a point of view for the world and make us understand. They are mostly used to manipulate people because humans are open to believe them. Beliefs won’t enslave us, people will.

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