Beliefs and People

People have always needed to believe in something.  So many people have been searching for reasons to continue living and some people have already found their reason to live and their life depend on their life on this reason. Even though this reason is something needed for our life, some people make their life revolve around these beliefs.

There are a group of people who thinks they should live their life on circumstances where they do want their mind relate most. They don’t stick to the idea which might be a religion or an opinion that society mostly has. They live their life the way they want and have their own ideas. They create these ideas by thinking and experiencing by their own selves.

Also there are people who think their life is all about these believes and make their daily life in a plan that follow these ideas. And they never think of anything else expect this idea. They make their lives revolve around the idea. And they don’t use their minds to find another reliable opinion. This can be a religion or an opinion that a society are on their minds %90 of the time. There might be some people that says they should change their minds and think of other things but since they are so focused on the idea that they can’t think straight without that problem. But some people find this life style way more trusting. They love the idea that they can believe their life on. And these kind of people are hard to change their minds since they only care about their opinion. Of course it is nice to have something to believe in but making the life about the idea doesn’t make sense to me.

Overall, it’s everybody’s own life so we cannot judge people about their decisions in life. But in my own opinion it is better to experience and enjoy our life instead of sticking to an opinion. Because I think life is too short and we are too young to live our life based on an opinion that society mostly agrees on. I believe it better to experience in our own ways and make our life ideas about them not around a common opinion. Because the circumstances we live under are very different to the live that society used to live.


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