Beliefs: Handcuffs or Key to the Freedom?

Many people thinks that beliefs are necessary for life and we can not live without them. According to them, belief gives sense of freedom. There are also a crowded group of people says that religions and beliefs are nothing but a harrasment to the privacy of human. most of them thinks like religions are bunch of story that written for the answer of the question “How did we exist? ”.

For Frederich Wilhelm Nietzsche, the german philosopher, more you stay away from religions, more you became free. Religions does not set you free, instead they estranges you. Religious freedom is not a success. The real success is denying religions.

In my opinion, religions are unnecesary. Because religions can be used for personal purposes. For example, in middle ages, churches were offering lands from heaven for money. You may think that is nonsense now, but in middle ages, you can not. Otherwise, you get banned from religion. Another example, Islam. You can not read azan in any language but Arabic. There can be two reasonable options for this situation. Some people doesn’t want you to understand azan or Allah doesn’t have Turkish language pack. First option is more reasonable than second to me. 

Religions are really good idea for keeping the peace but unfortunately, they are used for purposes of a people, communities or cults.

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