Do beliefs enslave you or make you independent? Well, people believe different things and I think that everyone should respect each other’s beliefs because not everyone is going to believe the same thing. A human being should believe what makes them happy and make them feel safe. But there are still people who force others to believe what they believe and some people even disrespect other beliefs.
Anyone should be happy with what they believe and what they don’t believe. And what I mean by that is some people prefer to not believe anything and that’s their belief. Also, in my opinion, living your life as what your belief says enslaves you because at some point you gotta make your own decisions by yourself. Of course, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t always do what your belief says, my point is that you can’t always force your belief to do things for you. You have to achieve some stuff by yourself. For example, you shouldn’t stop loving someone or something because of your belief because you can’t control your love towards anyone or anything.

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