Believe and God

I grew up in an ordinary, religious family environment. I was also sent to the Quran course. I believed in God. But I was looking for answers about God from a scientific point of view, not from the point of view of ordinary religious people. I was also perceiving God as an “owner” whom I begged to solve my deadlocks in life and prayed to protect my loved ones from evil. Also, it is not “I don’t believe” but “I can’t believe” in God. Religion, god, afterlife, holiness, spirit, and worship all seem illogical to me, and I do not find it convincing when God chooses a random person from among millions of people and connects the fate of all humanity to the persuasion ability of this chosen person. This alliance between the prophet and his god is not witnessed by any other third person, which further reduces the credibility. At this point, believers will talk about the miracles shown by the prophets. If they are to take it as a source, it is clearly stated in the Qur’an that no miracles were sent, and since these contradict many things, they are highly fabricated. And also, if any being logically is omniscient, infinite, alone, omnipotent, why should there be a need to create?

But the biggest problem is that religions are used as a power factor. After all, there are tons of people who have been smug, who think they will go to heaven when they die, and would do anything for that cause. The powerful people of the society will use this community to get their “small business” done, and those in power who use religion as a tool and enslave the societies are spending ordinary people who are blinded by religion to get what they want. The situation is no different today. 


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