Best Cook Yet!

As always, it was FREEZING outside. All my friends are out at the ice rink vibing, but guess where I am… Literally LOCKED inside my own house because my mom thinks I’m going to escape and get sick since the weather is cold. Okay, I’m not saying she’s wrong by locking the house and then leaving, since I’ve gone missing for a while four years ago (because I ran away), but why wouldn’t she let me hang out with my friends? They’re all having fun and I’m stuck at home literally doing nothing. Oh well, maybe I could entertain myself by cooking something, since my mom didn’t lock the kitchen this time!

Lately, I’ve really been wanting to try to bake triple chocolate chip cookies, since the ones in “Starbucks” are literally a house price. “Hmm, I feel like I’m a good cook, why would I need actual measurements to bake something?” I thought. How come do these unpleasant thoughts even reach my mind? I burnt the oven. I guess that was pretty predictable since ”I” was the one who had business in the kitchen… Anyways, my mom still doesn’t know that we no longer have a rich-looking, brand-new oven. We might look from the positive side actually. I sort of changed the colour of the oven. FOR FREE. And I still can’t imagine people pay money for that. Sadly, I didn’t really have the chance to taste my “delicious” chip cookies, but I really had another great idea. Maybe the curse was all about the cookies. So I attempted baking… ummm… CAKES!!!

Mmm, something really smells delicious! Oh well, didn’t I take out the cakes and eat them with my imaginary friends? Hold on a minute… Was that a dream!!??? Oopsies! Burnt the oven once more. At this point even the fire alarm doesn’t react. How do I even tell my mom that I almost set the kitchen on fire? TWICEEEE!!! Anyways, she’s partially guilty for the consequences too. If she hadn’t locked me inside, none of these would’ve happened. I feel like I’ve figured out where the actual problem was. I just can’t cook anything edible. Y’all might get angry over this but now I have changed my hobby that only lasted two hours. I’ll be baking clay! Why be a chef when you could be an inspiring artist? I finely shaped my cloud-soft clay and popped it in the “officially verified cursed” oven. This time there was absolutely nothing that would mess up my beautiful art piece. Hmm, looks like there’s a phone call! Or maybe I shouldn’t answer it and focus on the oven… well I guess nothing could go wrong by just one “hello”!

It was my best friend calling and we ended up talking for 2 hours. Wait, wasn’t I supposed to take out the clay an hour ago? OH NO! The door is ringing. I started to freak out. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I looked through the window next to the door, since my mom locked it. Six strangers, all dressed up in neon orange suits; and a house-size red vehicle in front of my door. Umm, what’s that smoke coming all the way from the kitchen? BUT CARBON DIOXIDE IS POISONOU…. 

And at that very moment, she blacks out… 

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