The population is the number of people that lives in a particular area. This number of the total is increasing day by day. Are you aware of how the population rapidly grows? World’s population is almost 8 billion now. As it is there are so many negative effects of population growth: unemployment and environmental issues.

The population is growing so fast and people can’t find a job even if they had finished a university with high degrees. For that reason, a lot of people are turning to their homes with empty hands. And unfortunately, life is too expensive to live without a certain income. Nowadays, you are getting all you need with money. That’s why I think it is one of the biggest negative effects that population growth causes. This increment makes it impossible for the countries to solve their unemployment problem.

Also, this issue causes a lot of environmental problems. Think like that: when there are more people, there will be more pollution. So the water sources are going to be dirty enough for us to use and drink. Also, not only water pollution, the air and environmental pollution will increase too. Because there will be more vehicles that use fossil fuels there will be more greenhouse gas emissions. And it will cause global warming which is one of the most popular global issues in the world. This will not only affect humans but the other living things too.

Not just think of air or water pollution. There will be noise and light pollution due to the increasing population too, especially in big cities and towns. Light pollution is so much that you can even see the lights from the space. And the noise pollution is frustrating so a lot of people move to suburbs where they can relax on their own silently and peacefully.

After reading and being informed about the problems that population growth causes, don’t you think it is better off with fewer people? If we can’t find a solution to stop this rapid growth, we can’t solve the other problems either.

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