Better Spent Money

Proper usage of money is an important issue. That is because money is an global and a crucial resource in our lives. Every humane activity we do in our human world is paid with money. That is why money management is an important issue. And that is the reason why goverments are trying to manage their money to make their people live more humanely. So should goverments spend thier money for space exploration or making thier people live more humanely?

Lets say if goverments spend most of their money on space exploration, their people will start living in poverty with less humane conditions. Would it be a good investment? As humans, we are expanding our population exponentionally, and our world can not take it anymore. Eventually, even if we stop expanding in population exponentionally we need to leave earth and look outside in space. We can not stay on earth forever. It would be crucial for our survival to leave earth in a century or few of them. The thing is that, space industries can not work without money supplies from goverments. But if goverments spend their money on space industries, their people would not live in better conditions. Then what happens when goverments spend a small bit of their money on space industries? Will their people live humanely while space industry developes? It would not be like that. Less money for space industry means less development of space industry. Then what could be the worst if don’t give enough supplies for space industry? The thing is that, our world is covered with space debris and the covering of earth with space debris is increasing. If we don’t leave earth in few decades or in a century, we would not be able to leave it anymore. So is this a paradox? We can not make humans live more humanely while supplying space industry. Is there a way for that?

In my opinion, space industry is more important than better living conditions. If goverments supply space industries and their people with equal amounts of money, we can handle this issue. This would lead to their people live in normal conditions but slow rate of incriment in their living conditions, while space industry developing rapidly. Normally i don’t think like development of space industry is way more important than better living conditions, but we do not have much time left on earth beacuse of space debris. We should clean them and expand beyond space as soon as possible.

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