Beyond The Colors

There are some concepts that not all of us can define from time to time. We stop as if someone is stopping us specifically. We’ll be quiet, we’ll be quiet. Philosophers who have been trying to explain these concepts for a lifetime have thrown out various judgments that have been erased from the face of the earth. Isn’t that the whole point of good and evil, anyway?

People are very suitable creatures to be classified according to their actions and thought structures. They are placed under two categories, “good and bad”, depending on their actions every second of every moment. But who determines these categories, who are predisposed to classify people so much?

A being that we call a person, we constantly try to convince those around us of what we are doing, to prove some things to them. When we do this, sometimes we give up on ourselves, we stop being ourselves at once and we just start to be categorized. How can we change ourselves when we are trying to change ourselves according to our position, and we are not even acting like a person on our own self, how can we change ourselves?

Do we have a category at the time of our first birth? A person is born, grows, and learns in zero kilometers. He does dozens of mistakes, falls down, sometimes he can’t get up, asks for help, gets up, falls down again, that’s when he learns to get up. And when he begins to study his surroundings, he realizes that everyone has a role in this life. Just like in those small technological screens, everyone is given a role. Everyone revives that role from the moment they are born, and the character’s universe is erased from the face of the earth when there is nothing more to do.

Life is like a movie studio. The film is shot, it becomes very famous, and then it is removed from the old film shelf. Isn’t there a good or bad distinction in the movies? Why are these two concepts separated from each other, why is a person forced to be under only one category, who has determined this rule? Hobbes or Rousseau?

Is it really bad by human nature, Hobbes, then why have people with bad nature come up with a concept called goodness. Why did they need to call goodness the right one? If there are people who are bad by nature, is it really possible that the concept of good has been around for so long in this universe?

Is man really good by nature Rousseau, then why do people kill each other in the middle of the street, why animals are persecuted, why women and children are treated as if they were not human beings? If people are good by nature, dear Rousseau, why does the concept of darkness make people shudder?

A person is neither a being that can be put in the category of good nor bad. When a person tries to do good, he tries to suppress his bad side, in fact, he wants to close that side, and he wants to never see it again. However, this is not possible. A person is both good and bad.

The Ying Yang symbol is a visual that describes how two opposites are in balance. It shows how compatible two opposite concepts are in fact, they can be compatible. If it was just white, it wouldn’t mean anything, maybe that symbol, if it was just black, we’d just see a background painted black. The harmony of black and white, on the other hand, shows how opposites form a whole. It is actually a Ying Yang symbol for good and evil in humans. Good and evil are two concepts that can be balanced. Only a person should know how to establish this balance so that he can experience the Ying Yang symbol…

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