Beyond The Simulation

Are we changing the reality? Or the reality was always had been a simulation or a fictional universe? Well, there are thousands of theories and unanswered questions up there. I have perspectives about the fictional universe, the Metaverse.

Basically, the metaverse is virtual reality. It has a lot of subcategories like NFT’s etc. Mainly, the metaverse is getting popular by now. It is a small virtual and controllable universe. Lately, people doubt that is the metaverse is a threat to the perception of reality? People actually thought these during the 1990s. The Metaverse is first used in the sci-fi novel Snow Crash written by Neal Stephenson in 1992. Basically, people thought about these questions in the past but couldn’t find any definite answer. The question could be answered by millions of perspectives. My own opinion is that we may be on a simulation that is controlled by some people and we finally find out the simulation with the metaverse. According to my opinion, we may find out the questions that how was everything created and who we are with metaverse. These questions may complex but there are no definite answers that how was everything began. So the metaverse may be the universe itself and we are figuring out it. So, it is not a threat to perceptions of reality in my opinion. Unlike a threat, it can be a guide for how does the universe works. John Horgan, who is famous for his scientific books and theories, talked about the metaverse. He said that ‘’The Metaverse is reminding me of the film Matrix in which the evil robots pump a fake reality into the human brains. This is a definite example of my opinion that we may on a simulation. The similarity of Matrix and my opinion is that the robots who control us with the fake reality may be given the Metaverse to find out the real universe.

My last thought about metaverse is that it is the future beyond us. As time passes, we inquire more. The Metaverse could open us to a new universe. Or maybe a simulation from the very beginning.

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