Big Difference

First of all, let’s think that you have finished all your work and got a holiday coming up. You want to visit somewhere, somewhere that will make you relax and clean your mind up. You have two weeks to chill and get back to work after that. Would you prefer a holiday trip to a beach where sky meets the sea and people have fun or a trip where you get to see how other cultures are how their people lives etc. this choice is up to you. You only have one shot at this.

Lets put it like this. If you want to chill and escape from the chaos of big cities and the rush of the modern world a trip to a beach can make you get relaxed and might help you to stay away from the world. Whether you stay in a hotel or another place. When you wake up and get ready after a beautiful breakfast the sea will be waiting for you to arrive. You can either have fun with other people or just chill however and whenever you want. It almost feels like it doesn’t have any downsides to it. Although after a while it might get boring, right? It’s always up to you but the activities might get to be monotonous. You better make the most of it.

The other option is a “culture trip”. Even though you get exhausted, tired after workdays, this might be it for you to get your head off of those stressing thoughts in your mind. You better be careful though. If you choose somewhere without any research you might find yourself working while also being in that trip. While you visit every place you can in this kind of trip, it might make you get tired every single day. Making you feel tired and maybe pissed off because of the density of the activities. Visiting historical places won’t be

At last, There is a big difference between these two. If I were going to choose between these two options, I would go with the beach option. If im going to get away from everything and relax while having fun, I rather be on a beach than just visiting and “wasting” my time on such tiring and not fun activities. If you got friends or family members to go with you might make things even more fun but who would walk and get exhausted under the sun while you can be on a beach having fun?

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