Big Enemy Artificial Sugar🍬🍭

First of all, if we look at what real sugar and artificial sugar are, we can understand that artificial sugar is poison today but real sugar poses danger.

Real sugar is sugar obtained from sugar beet produced in our country and artificial sugar is obtained from chemicals that contain less energy and which are sweeter. For this reason, the damage of artificial sugar is many times more than normal sugar. The sugar found in fruits and vegetables is also natural sugar and the fibers in them prevent the digestion of sugar and its sudden increase in the blood However, artificial sugars enter the body quickly and start to harm.

Over the years the sugar has become easily available and gives energy to the body. Due to these reasons it caused more consumption and many diseases. Diseases such as blood pressure, insulin resistance, fatty liver, obesity and dental diseases have therefore become today’s problems.

For the above reasons, the sale of foods containing artificial sugar should be banned everywhere, especially in school canteens. Even if it is not prohibited, we must be conscious consumers and never use these products. We should read what is written on the packages and not buy products containing artificial sugar such as glucose and sucrose. We should also explain these to those who are younger than ourselves and raise awareness.

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