Big Trip To Plane

During the semester break, I traveled a lot compared to my other semesters .I went to Izmır with my family and Bolu with my friends besides places in Ankara .Both were very enjoyable and beautiful, but I went to a place where I had a lot of fun even though it was short ,during the holiday.

Shortly before the start of the semester break, I attended an online presentation about the profession introduction by Havelsan .In the end of the presentation they did a raffle. Five people who won the raffle were entitled to ride the space simulator in Havelsan and I was one of those five people ,although I did not expect .

Towards the last days of the semester break, I went to Havelsan to try the simulator with four people next to me. I was so happy but also so nervous. When we first got there, we had lunch with everyone who works there and talked to all the researchers and engineers.We talked about a lot of things and I learned a lot .After lunch we took a little tour around, they showed us around and finally we got to the main point .When we entered the building reserved for the simulators, the excitement in all of us increased even more .

 There were five different plane simulators there .We went upstairs to reach the door of the simulator. There were two air researchers, one engineer and one pilot waiting for us .Before getting on the simulator, they gave us information about it and then we tried the simulator in two groups.When the first group got on the simulator, we watched them on a TV. When I was in the simulator, I was so impressed with everything that it was like I was traveling on a normal plane, but this time in the plot seat and next to the other captain .There was a computer inside the simulator to change the state of the weather, the runway, and other things. From turbulence to bird strikes to the engine, from snowy weather to windy weather, there were many options ,after talking a little more about the professions with the researchers there, we came to the end of the day .That day is etched in my memory as a day I will never forget .Being there that day made me think of the profession I will choose in my future.

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