It was a lovely day, I was really cheery at the moment. But something felt The weather was sunny but half an hour later, it was cloudy and raining. I was riding my bicycle when the thunder light up in the infinite-looking sky. I rode my bike as fast as I could. When I got home, my grandma was sitting on the couch looking nervous outside of the window. I went and sit down close to her. ” everything alright grandma?” She didn’t even made eye contact with me but replied ” I knew it. The day has come. Mother nature has woken up.” replied. ‘Oh come on grandma stop the nonsense, it’s just rain! Nothing to worry about an angry rain in the middle of the summer?” That’s when it hit me. Why was all this happening?  Was grandma right..? ‘no way. She’s only imagining things. The nature can’t get a revenge, that would happen when elephants would fly.’ I was trying to comfort myself from the fear of nature actually wanting revenge. For years humanity harmed nature in any way possible! I bet my grandma was the only person who took care of the environments, living things. She always used to say that nature spoke to her and told it was going to get revenge. Well none including me believed her. I was still respecting and loving her so much unlike others. They were calling her a lunatic. My memories started to disappear slowly as the thunder and wind got stronger every second. Some people were outside, laughing, opening their arms as far as they can wave the rain. They were enjoying it? That’s when I got scared, really scared. Humanity wasn’t even aware of the problem yet. The rain kept for days, days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months… It was almost a year with heavy rain, thunder, wind. I didn’t liked this life but everyone seemed to adapt it. I just couldn’t get it. That’s when I actually understood, we were in a serious war between nature and humanity; if we won, we would lose. Even some scientists were inventing some gadgets to stop crazy nature. But how could we? That wouldn’t be possible. People were horrified, even horrified as they would want to destroy earth. And people actually started harming the nature on purpose. After a year everything was gone. The earth had no difference between mars. That’s why we should stop the war between us before it’s too late.


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