Hi, you will meet someone new today. His name is Aziz. He has got blue eyes and brown hair. He likes fun and cute things but his friends like scary things, so he does things like his friends. But he doesn’t know he is only sad to do like this.

Today is a special day because today is Aziz’s birthday. His friends have a surprise for Aziz. His friends think he likes scary things, but he doesn’t. Aziz comes to school and someone put their hand on his shoulder. When he turns back, he gets scared and he faints because his friends coloured their face like a skeleton. Then he goes to school’s nurse. When he comes back to himself, he faints again because his friends didn’t wash their face. Then Aziz faints again and again. Then his friends wash their face. Then he comes to himself. He tells friends what happened but he can’t say he was scared and he fainted. But his friends already know what happened. He says like he is so brave but his friends do all things not to laugh. But nobody knows that all school have a surprise for him. But for this one, everyone was scared to this surprise and fainted again and again.

Theeeenn, he wakes up. Yes, that all happens in a nightmare. Then Aziz sees a skeleton everywhere. When he sleeps, he sees nightmares like this again and when he wakes up, he shouts and says “Stop!”. But today it’s great for Aziz and this day he sees good dreams.

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