Bitter Scent of the Flowers

“He would wake up each day and talk with his flowers. That morning, his flowers did not hear a single sound.”

The red haired boy organized the papers in his hand and let out a sigh. The discomfort of giving a speech in a funeral was making him panic more and more as the time passes. He took a look at the audience, the swollen eyes from crying, red cheeks caused by the hot tears. He then turned his eyes on the paper once again and kept reading.

“He had sunflowers in that mesmerizing garden of his. Leaves as yellow as his eyes, they were all looking directly at the sun as their shadows followed them behind. Their strong bodies would follow the sun with their roots deep inside the soil, getting all the nutrients to grow more and more each they. He would take really good care of them.

He had daisies. They were all over his garden, making it look incredibly beautiful. The smell of them was once in a lifetime experience. The first time you smell it, you would get overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. Bees and ladybugs were all over them, carrying the sweet pollens of it around the garden.

He had tulips, oh were they my absolute favorites. Different colours would take over the entire garden. There were pink ones, yellow ones and purple ones, even orange ones. They reminded me of the rainbow with all those colours, a huge rainbow that did not disappear no matter what.

He had lily of the valleys, they represented eternal happiness and peace. He loved seeing them in his garden. The white colour reminded him of snow and nothingness, silence and peace. They had a soft smell, making my nose itch every time.

Last but not least, scorpion grasses. They are also known as forget me not flowers. It was his absolute favorite

because he did not want to be forgotten. The flower represents memories and not forgetting your loved one even after they are gone. This is why today, on this heartbreaking day, we have this flower on his casket. They are taken from his own garden. In order to remember him with his good memories that makes us smile, with his magical garden and the flowers he spend his entire life taking care of. This is all he asked for.”

The boy finally finished reading the paper and turned his eyes over the audience again. This time the swollen eyes were wet by tears. He smiled bitterly and took one last look at the casket before inhaling the calming scent of the purple flowers.


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