Black Holes, or Is It White Holes?

Any of the people who are reading this definetely knows at least a little bit about black holes. But have you heard of quasars? Maybe neutron stars? Oh, maybe the lowest chance, white holes? Let’s starts with quasars. Quasars are the next stage of a black hole that is about to die. It just gives out all the “food” they ate their whole life. After the quasar, tadaaa! You have a Nebula. Now, to the white holes. They are just a theory by the way, to explain them is well…it is the opposite of a black hole. It’s so bright but it doesn’t let anything go in. Neutron stars are the most complicated ones. Since they aren’t black holes but have incredible amounts of gravitational pull, we can explain them as… well neutron stars. That was some info about anomalies like black holes.

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