My life had never been all that great, I grew up in a rather poor place and always suffered because of it. When you do not have enough money life can become torture, which was the case for me. My biggest dream had always been to finally get out of this place and sail far away for a new beginning in life. Since I live near the seas it should not be a problem, I have some experience with sailing but never had the courage to leave everything behind. I did not even have a plan on where to exactly go or how to survive in a new place. But this had all changed when I met a certain someone.

One day when I was going to the woods to find some flowers, I saw someone on the ground. It was a little girl who looked like she had been abandoned there. I quickly got her back to my house to see if she had any injuries and to take care of her. But since I did not have enough money to buy food for both of us, I knew had to leave her. Even though it was a hard thing to do I brought her back to the woods and left running.

A couple of days passed and news broke out of the little girl being murdered. Everyone was thinking it was me who killed her because she had last been seen with me. I had to go to court because of this. At there every evidence was stacked against me and I knew I had no choice so I told the judge that I had lost my mind. Surprisingly this worked, maybe a bit to well. As I was leaving there, a hand touched my shoulder. Next thing I knew I was at an insane asylum with doctors trying to help. But none of their “cures” were working since I was not even insane. But one thing they tried changed everything. At that time, it was believed that being electroshocked could change the way you thought and how your brain functioned, so they started an electroshock therapy on me to fix my brain. Little did they know, the electric actually made me lose my mind and every moment became hell on earth. I don’t even know how much time passed there. It might have been days, months or even years. That whole time I was trying to escape.

At the end, I managed to. I still couldn’t think properly though. The only thing in my mind was to finally achieve my dream of sailing away for a new begging. When I finally managed to craft a small raft I sailed away without any preparation, alone at the middle of the sea, hungry and thirsty. Before I could even get close to any new land I couldn’t handle it anymore. And that’s when my story ended.

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