Blinded Eyes

I again woke up to the same day with lots of pain, anguish and sadness. I have been asking to myself why I keep on living with all those bad things happened to me but then my answer comes to my room. Her sweet smile melts my heart and makes me forget what I was thinking.

Two years ago, I was a really famous CEO in one of the richest companies in America. That day again I woke up, got ready and left home for work. The Sun was not shining in the sky and clouds were all grey which was demoralizing me but I had to go to work and do the best that I could. On my way, an old lady came near me and told me that something bad would happen to me. I did not listen and I thought she was a begger so I tried to give her money but she refused. Instead she came closer and her yelling turned into a whisper. The only thing that I could hear was “Your ego and ambition will be your end.” She was also saying something like a spell. I was terrified but also wanted to see what was going to happen next. After a second, she disappeared in the crowd.

All day long, I thought about that old lady and I was not sure whether to believe her or not. I tried to forget about her but I could not. Her voice was echoing in my ear. I was deadly scared so I could not focus on my work either. One of my employees realised that and asked me what happened. All my fear turned into a rage and I vomitted my fear by shouting. I really did not know why I did but we cannot take the time back. Because of my pride, I could not apologise even if I wanted to. After work, I immediately went home and told everything that had happened that day to my wife.

She nodded and told me to calm down. We both did not know what to do so we left it to fate. In that week, I had a terribly bad accident. It approximately took a year for me to recover. I lost my job, my friends and my fame and it was talked a lot in the TV. Even today  sometimes I hear about that accident and my heart hurts. They were also talking about me being ambitious and my ego. They told that my ego was blinded my eyes and I deserved that.

I was totally broken and I took a theraphy for my depression. Thanks God it worked but the main reason why I got better was my precious wife’s support and love. Every day she reminded me that “The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your flaws, mistakes and weaknesses and still thinks you’re completely amazing.”

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