Blindness in Brightness

Nuclear energy has been a bright shoot for energy industry rooted in an efficient  process called “fission”.Indeed,it is currently the most efficient way to generate energy with the 93 percent average capacity factor.However,in today’s world, tomorrow is a bigger concern than  the present as climate chance and global warming started to show the world that there are darker clouds on the horizon.But people never really stop to plough their own furrow as they worry more about pockets and less about the world.

It is impossible to ignore benefits of nuclear energy by declaring it as something that is nothing more than a fabrication built on shattered pieces of greed all around the world.The current consumption of nuclear energy already reduces over 555 million metric tones of emissions every year.Nuclear fission is also 8,000 times more efficient at producing energy than traditional fossil fuels.However, when all the facts come to light,it becomes inevitable to deny that unearthed mine of information buried under the endless lies of interest illuminates a fabricated evil hiding in the shadows.First of all,it has an immense impact on environment as nuclear energy involves mining and enrichment of uranium which leaves behind radioactive particles poisonous to the water sources and miners.Secondly, they are not limitless.Nuclear energy is dependent on uranium and thorium which are inevitable to prevent from running out.In addition,there is no practical storage of nuclear waste as it can contaminate the soil and water so they use big containers and store them in deep underground.Lastly,it is so expensive to build owing to its cost ranging from 2 billion to 9 billion dollars.When we shed light on the facts,it becomes completely  unreasonable to hide behind the idea that nuclear energy  is harmless to the environment as nuclear energy could give massive radiations in case of an accident ,which demolishes all the arguments about nuclear energy being a clean energy due to not giving off carbon dioxide to the atmosphere to be completely groundless.

Nuclear energy is not the only efficient way to produce energy without emissions of carbon dioxide.Hydroelectric powerplants is almost as efficient as nuclear energy with 90 percent of efficiency by having no pollution with zero chance of oil spills and gas pipes breaking,since the only fuel used to power a hydropower plant is water.Even though it costs approximately 2.5 billion dollars to construct a hydroelectric powerplant, it is completely renewable and has no toxic effect on environment as it does not generate energy by fuels.

Although nuclear energy has its own benefits,these benefits are not enough to give nuclear energy a solid ground.It is meaningless to produce energy if we do not have a world to use it on.In conclusion,nuclear energy is nothing but devouring your own world to light a bulb and still being too blind to see the shattered pieces of life around you.

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