Blue Train

I wake up at 9 o’clock. I wear my red sweater. I jump down the bed and go downstairs. I look form y mom. Her name is Aida. She is a beautiful woman. She always cooks delicious food. I love my mom!

I see my mom in the kitchen. Our kitchen is a small room. There are four pink walls in the kitchen I climb up the chair. Now, my mom looks sad.I ask, ‘’ Mom, are you sad?’’ She says ‘’ No, dear. I’m not.’’ She puts pancakes on a very big plate. I smile and say, ‘’Thank you mom!’’. I eat all my breakfast.

I go to my room. I play with my toys. I have a small, blue train. I really like its voice. It can go itself for a very long time. It is a gift from my dad. My dad is a big man. He is my hero! I don’t see him, but he’s great! I also have a music box. The box always plays nice melodies. There is a small woman on the box with a pink dress. My mom says the woman is not real, but I think she is, because she dances very well.

My mom comes to my room. She is now crying. I ask, ‘’ What’s wrong, mom? Are you hurt?’’ She puts her hands on her face and says ‘’ No, I’m not hurt, dear. Let’s pack your bag. ‘’ She smiles, but I think she is still sad, because she is crying. I hug my mom, and bring her my bag. My bag is black, it looks like my dad’s bag. Mom puts my clothes into the bag. She takes my train from me. I’m angry. I say ‘’ Mom! Give me my train!’’ She looks at meand says, ‘’ Dear, you will miss your train if you don’t take it with you.’’ I shake my head and go sit on the couch.

I get into the car with my mom. Our car is an old car and it smells like dad. My mom drives the car for three hours. We stop in front of a big, white building. My mom takes out my bag and holds my hand. We get into the building.

There is a man in a white room in the building. My mom opens my bag and takes out all my clothes. She puts them into the cabinet. She gives me my toy and says ‘’ Dear, please go and sit on the bed until the doctor arrives.’’ My mom leaves the room. I look at my train and play with it. I hear my mom and the man speaking on the other side of the door. The man says ‘’ Unfortunately comprehending such a complex matter is too challenging for any doctor. It is unbelievable that a head trauma can cause a great delusion. I am so sorry to say that, but it is impossible for your husband to recover such situation. He will most probably believe that he is a five-year-old kid until the end of his life.’’

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