Book to movie

When we look at the movies adapted from the book, we see that some of them are not very good. But some are also very successful. I am a fan of reading books because I think we can imagine what we want while reading a book. And some adaptations are really bad. In movies, some details change things, and sometimes the details they change are the details that make that story beautiful. But sometimes it is the other way around. Some movies are much better adapted from the book. I have not seen much of the latter, usually, the book is better than the movie. When we look at some of the most-watched movies, we see that the story is the first book. For example, Harry Potter. When we look deeply, we see that the most important thing is the story. If the story is good, both the movie and the book are good. But I think the book is better because we can catch the details. We get to know the characters better because each character is introduced in each book, albeit briefly. In most books, I identify myself with a character there, and reading the book is much more fun. But that rarely happens in movies. I am not against making a book into a movie, but I think you should read the book first and then watch the movie.

But some are against it because they think that literary works lose their influence while making movies and movies are easy. Because literary works are very valuable and they are always adapted to the present in some way while making a film, so they can lose their effect. If we give an example from Turkish productions, we can say Çalıkuşu. Many adaptations of this literary work have been made. I never liked the last adaptations because they had very little to do with the book. Normally it was a literary work advocating feminist values, but in it is the latest adaptation it turned into a normal love story and this simplified the story a lot.

When we look at the conclusion, some adaptations are very good and break records (like Harry Potter), but some are bad because they completely change the message of the story. I still think books are more influential than movies. However, if an adaptation is to be watched, I think the book should be read first, then we can evaluate the movie more accurately.

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