Borders of Life

Love is a power that cannot be restrained by any borders or obstacles.That power does not have any nationality,religion or race.Love is like nature,it feeds everyone on it regardless of that person’s identity depending on a certain nationality.Then,why we cannot be at peace with nations around us if love does not have any race or borders?

Some people define discrimination as a great devotion to their country.If a great devotion brings tears and pain across your country,it won’t sustain the peace and quietude for a long time.Not only will it be harmful for integrity in the country but it will also break the peace abroad.So,if we want to put an end on discrimination,we should start from our neighbourhoods as Carl T. Rowan said:”It is often easier to become outraged by injustice half a world away than by oppression and discrimination half a block from home.”But a pride,which is provided by contempt for cultures, constituted with acrimony  is even becoming less conscientious out of its borders.People are using borders as walls,which are also obstructing friendship,grace and all types of virtue with the country itself.However,we are using the same water from lakes,same soil from ground and same oxygen from air.We do not have any borders for a human to live but  borders marked by humans end up with countless massacres due to race.If we were born with same rights,no border should be powerful enough to change it.

Nonetheless,some part of the society claims that blood must be shed in order to prevent ethnic and racial minorities near that country from revolting.So,the only guilt that those people have is sharing the same border with that country and using their freedom to live notwithstanding their color or beliefs.If they do not shatter their countries with fear and instead,embrace them with love and hope,they will not be a danger anymore.Suffering the consequences of a choice which is not made by you is not fair for anyone.There is no border which can disguise that we are humans even though we are standing in or out of that border.We all come from the same ancestor.So,borders cannot be a judge to decide whose life is more important than other.

In conclusion,even though there is an endless darkness and a nimbus which seems not to take apart,there is always a way to be the sun to shine and replace them with peace and love born with a belief of equality.



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