Borders To Our Hearts

We humans, are the citizens of different countries in the world. Growing up as a citizen, we tend to adore and have respect to our nation. But this love sometimes becomes beyond being pure but hateful towards other countries. The quote by Pablo Casals, “The love of one’s country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border? ” explains the situation.

Starting from childhood, we grow up with various different cultures and are taught our countries’ history and background. This experience is beneficial for one’s cultural presence. Though a section of people in each country have this love and respect only for their motherland. This results in them being discriminative in relation to people that are not from the same nation.

Why do they have this perspective? Aren’t we all human after all? Nobody chooses their parents and where they’ll be born. It’s disgraceful to judge people only because of their origin. The love regarding to homelands shouldn’t be limited in one’s countries’ border. Imagine a world without racism and discrimination, peace would have established and wars would have been averted. Eventually, we wouldn’t talk about where we are from but who we are.

Borders are lines which limit a country’s area. The area they limit, has been named and belongs to the locals. These lines have existed since the early times of humanity. People have separated to different tribes and worked for their own sake. The tribe system turned to empires and developed into what we call countries. Main reasons of war are actually to have a larger area or possess something that they don’t own. This is often a selfish approach which affects all the innocent.

Each community has different beliefs, cultures and traditions. These differences make us who we are as an individual. But if we all live on the same planet, we should learn to pay respect when it comes to dissimilarities. Teaching the discrimination in the world to children from a young age may help in the prevention.

In conclusion, we shouldn’t let borders limit our love and respect regarding other nations. They should only limit our countries, not our hearts. I hope that in the future we’ll be hearing less news about discrimination and wish that people become less judgmental but more respectful. Maybe one day borders will be non existent and we will all live together experiencing different cultures in a non-violent environment.


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