People being bad since birth or learning to be bad after,according to the conditions they grow up in has been a discussion topic for long years.  Are we born with the characteristic features we have as adults or do we get them with each experience that we go through throughout or life. What is the  the reasoning behind some people being murderers, cheaters, thieves or simply bad.

Everybody seems to like babies a lot. Most of the people find them extremely cute with their pink cheeks,  chubby hands or big eyes. But in our daily lives we are having lots of problems with adult people. We find lots of people irritating, unbearable. This is a great contrast considering that those babies we love are growing up to be the adults we hate.

When we think of babies or young toddlers one of the first thing that comes to our minds is innocence. This actually can be an evidence that we find all humans sweet and innocent when they are little, not caught up in the haste of daily life or not taking actions to benefit from them. Simply when they are just surviving.

A couple of years later, around the age of 5 or 6 they become less pleasent as they have now started doing common things that toddlers do suchs as lying for their benefit or taking something that doesn’ belong to them.

To sum up  the fact that our wish to be around children decrease as they grow older means that people are not born bad, on the contrary they are born innocent. We learn or adopt the features that makes us bad.



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