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Born to Be Good

A lot of people think that humans are hood by nature. In their opinion, humans are good and kind but life conditions make them evil, cruel, and bad. Also, some think that humans are evil and nothing will be able to change this since it is their nature and not their fault. However, this is not the case. Humans are evil by nature but can overcome this like a lot of them did.
We are all evil by nature because just like other living things, all we are trying to do in life is survive. We are all trying to stay alive no matter what it takes so being selfish and evil is human nature. When someone dies, we don’t feel sad because we feel bad for them. We cry because we will miss them, we will not want to continue our life without that person.
On the other hand, we have things and people that make us happy and remind us to be optimistic. These things can be places, activities, objects and these people can be from our family or a friend. If we find true happiness, we can develop sympathy and empathy. We can really care about other people and their feelings, we can feel sad or happy for them, proud of them. In short, we can actually value their feelings and thoughts, understand them and be on their side.
It is said by a lot of people that humans are good by nature or so evil that nothing is going to change it. However, we are actually born cruel and evil but with our minds and hearts, we can be good and “human”. We don’t need to be born to be good, everyone can change and grow up which means human nature is never an excuse to be evil.

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