Breaking the law or not

The rule means; one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure within a particular area of activity. Rules, in a way, determine our way of life. We can see a big difference between the lifestyle of someone who follows the rules and someone who does not. The life of a prescriptive person is planned, she or he knows what to do when to do it or even how to do it. Others are more free-spirited. They don’t keep things they can’t or can do tied to a piece of paper. Laws are the rules for society. Prescriptive people follow these laws, while others break the rules.
The psychology of people is so different from each other that the ratio between people’s compliance with the law and the strictness of writers can vary from person to person. Some people follow the rules no matter what and never break the law, some people break the law no matter what they never follow the rules their own life has their own laws. But some people look at the consequences of breaking the rules or prohibitions. If the result of the crime they will commit is great, they will avoid breaking that law, but if the punishment they will commit is almost non-existent, they may have the courage to commit it. Among these people, I have nothing to lose word that is appropriate to use for this situation.
I think that doing the laws more strict will change the number of crimes committed. The people who break the law no matter what and the other part of the people that obey the rules no matter what will not change their idea if the law would become strict. But the people whose probability of committing a crime depends on the law and its punishment idea will change about breaking the laws. The number of people that do not commit a crime based on its consequences will increase because of the change in punishments of the crimes. People will think that the punishments for the crimes they used to do and for which they received light punishment are worse, and they will stop committing these crimes.
It all depends on the person’s psychology. They can commit the crime more easily if the laws were stricter. But I think that the majority of human beings will break the laws less if the punishment for breaking that law is stricter.

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