3D rendering of a medieval tavern interior

Breaking The Monotony

I was having a wonderful nap until the first beams of sunlight has rose above me and forced me to wake up to a brand-new day. Firstly, I was irritated and wanted to go on with the dream I was having, however I soon realized that I do not even remember the dream. Therefore, I just jumped out of my bed to get dressed and prepare a delicious breakfast for myself. Little did I know, I was going to experience the most extraordinary day of my life.

After a quick but filling breakfast, I was on my way to the hall to grab my coat. But suddenly, I felt like there was something extra about the hall. A minute after, I have seen an unusually small door, that doesn’t even fit with the decoration, standing just before me. I was quite sure that I have never seen it from the day I moved into my apartment until now. I was astounded and could not move for a while. Then I noticed I was being late to work. There, I stood in front of this exceptional door with the hesitation of opening it although I have the highest chance of missing my conference.

On the spur of the moment, my hand grabbed the door handle and pushed it downwards. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. I was facing a village that seems to live during the medieval times of the history enlightened by the candles and cressets all over the place. In contrast to the regular day I have left behind my door, it was a starry night here filled with local people dressed as if they were in a costume party. Considering all the rush, the loud music and food stands, surrounded by a huge crowd, I predicted that it was a celebration night for the village. I was there, staring at the people and the environment I am not familiar with, until the moment a strong hand grasped mine and pulled me into the dancing crowd. He was a total stranger to me but we seem to be at the same age. He looked at me serenly and I felt like he understood that I didn’t belong here. I was hoping to learn his name and communicate with him somehow althought he did not let me and started the conversation first. He said that I should not worry about any problem I have from the place I came from and that this place is a home for all humanity whenever they need a break.

”If you find this place, it is because you are meant to find it and because this place will heal you.” It was a relief to hear those words out and made me feel home and safe. I closed my eyes for a minute and then danced all night long without any hesitations, worries, stress and that continuous rush that was normal for ordinary lives. There was only this moment, this place and these people and me. Nothing really mattered from that point on. 

Night Celebration Painting by Lesya Bryksa | Saatchi Art

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