Brightening Death

” I’m not afraid of death. I never was to begin with, actually. It is not like there is a happy ending in real life. We all get the same ending… Death.”

Maybe he was wrong after all. As he was sitting on this cold chair made of cheap metal, it was no doubt that he, in fact, feared death more than anything. Not exactly the dying part, but the obscurity this thing called death brought with itself. What was going to happen to him once he stopped breathing? He was not a “good” person, that was the reason he was sitting on that uncomfortable chair that day after all, so would he really go to hell? Was there such place called afterlife or was it just one more lie humanity told itself to create a false sense of hope? As these questions that will be left unanswered was flowing through his mind, he remember his own words once again.

” Isn’t dying what makes life more precious? It is our one and only chance to shine as brightly as we can, before the unknown darkness claims us. That is why I will live the best life I can, so that I can die without having any regrets.”

How could have he known that death was going to take him away so soon? He always believed there was a bright future ahead of him, filled with success and memories everlasting. All he had was regrets though. Time was definitely not in his favor. A couple of warm tears rolled down from his cheeks as he let his long hair cover the face of him that was overwhelmed by a wave of heavy emotions.

The bitter feeling in his chest got heavier as he got up from the chair and walked towards the room ahead of them like he was told to. Memories were flowing through his mind in an uncontrollable speed. Core memories that stayed with him for so long, memories that made him smile everytime he thought of them and memories that he most certainly would not be able to live again. He then thought of everything he was leaving behind. His cat would never get to know what actually happened to him, the school seat he was assigned to would always be empty and he would not get to see his friends become adults.

It was too late when the realization hit him like a slap in the face. He was going to die at the young age of 22, because of a crime he did not even committed to. A shiver ran through his body when the cold metal made contact with his head. Something that seems distant and impossible may suddenly become imminent and possible, that is exactly what was happening to him when the electricity was given to his body; he was in fact shining as bright as he wanted to, just not in the way he always believed he would.

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