Building Mine On The Moon

These days, because of the investment and discoveries which are done for the Moon have got this question on the mind of scientists ‘Is it possible to mine on the Moon ?’ I think this question has many answers.
Some people think it is possible to build a mine cave on the Moon, another group of people thinks it will be very expensive, and the last group thinks it will be an impaired investment. For me it is silly to build a mine because we already have many problems on Earth, I think firstly we have to solve these kids of problems.

In 2015 scientists found that the Moon has many mineral reserves. Since 2015 they are searching for different ways to collect these minerals. Because of the low gravitational energy, it is hard to drill the ground of the Moon; they have to blow up the ground. It is too risky because pieces of the Moon can come to Earth and these pieces can cause many problems like earthquakes, floods, and many problems like that.

On the other hand, blowing up the ground of the Moon will be very expensive because they will use different kinds of detonators. As I said before, we haven’t used all things in the world. There are many layers that we don’t see yet. How do we know those elements are not on the Moon? Also, there is a huge problem, when they blow up the ground some pieces will come through the world and they can cause many problems.

To conclude, there are many different perspectives on the topic of ‘Building Mine on the Moon.’ Searching the other layers of the Earth might be the best choice for now.

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