Bus Stop

 One school day, I woke up early to go to school. I got ready, but I was late for school because I lingered to get ready. I forgot to take my coat when leaving the house and the weather was freezing.

 I was using the bus to go to school, I started waiting at the bus stop to get on the bus again. My legs started to tremble from the cold and an old aunt came to the bus stop. He came, sat next to me, took out a yellow jacket from his slightly worn bag, and handed it to me. I wore the jacket immediately, thanking you. While I was looking around to see where the bus was, I saw that the aunt had already left. Now I own the jacket. Anyway, the bus came and I got on right away. First I buttoned up my front, then I put my hand in my pocket. “I reached into my pocket and found a piece of paper. It had an address written on it.” I was immediately intrigued. It was an address I never knew where. After looking at the paper for a long time, I thought that maybe it is your aunt’s address and I should take the jacket back to her, so I got off the bus at the first bus stop. Then I researched a few buses and finally found which one would take me to the address written on the paper. Well, of course, I didn’t go to school at that time. When I went to the address, I reached a very rich neighborhood.

 There were many beautiful houses and fields. So I walked a long way to go to house number 30, which is written on the paper. And in the end, even I couldn’t believe what I saw.

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