Cafe Le Réve

There is a new cafe opened near the place I live. It is in the green and orange trees, making
you feel like you are passing the street of Vermont while walking. The enchanting harmony
between colorful leaves slowly falling like they are the main character there and the sounds
coming from the touches of long strong arms of the old trees. While walking just a couple of
minutes on the dreamy street, you will be able to see the sign of the cafe. It is on the corner of
that beautiful street. Trees covering up the tops and front. The sign is black and just the
writing is white, saying “le réve”. Just like it is name, whole cafe, the atmosphere makes you
feel like you are in a dream. There is some tables with the color of the trees. That tone of
brown makes me feel safe, in some way. It has a cozy atmosphere with the combined pale
tones. There are vinyls and that kind of stuff on the walls. Lots of stickers on the glass of the
door. There are also many books, movie and music cd’s on the shelves. To be honest the
inside does not reminds you of France but the songs they are playing does the job
successfully. The owners are from France. Actually they lived in France for so many years but
they are originally from here, Turkey. They generally make french cuisine but of course they
do some other stuff. The main goal is to give the original taste of some french dishes and
desserts. About he place, there is a enterence, for sure. It is among the trees. Some circular
marble tables are there, in the outside. With black feet, tables look gorgeous. Two or three
devil eyes are hanging from the top although it has nothing with France. Mostly the people
who smoke are sitting in the outside as I notice. Of course you do not have to smoke but you
need to be aware of there is smoke in the air before going there, like most of the places you
can go. When you go in, the first thing standing out is the huge wall with writings. They made
it for people to write whatever they want. You can find signatures, dates, love confessions…
Then you will of course see the tables and cash register. There is also a place like terrace but
it has windows. I did not ate all of the food there but from the ones I ate, I can recommend
you some. I mostly prefered desserts instead of the dishes. I always go with the sweetness to
be honest. So there is croissant. It is delicious, just with one word. As a person who ate
croissant in it is own place, in France, I can say it is almost as delicious as it is own. The taste
of butter combined with chocolate makes your palate like a festival. The crumbles while
slowly slicing it down, you can literally hear the sound. Many of people may prefer eating it
with bites but I do not. Believe me, whether you are slicing or biting, you will for sure feel that
sound. So I hundred percent recommend it, I can even insist you to eat Le Réve’s croissant.
About the beverages, there is non-alcoholic but also some alcoholic drinks. French is mostly
known with it is wines but here I will recommend the non-alcoholic drinks. I think I will go with
the “Diabolo Menthe”. It has a very bright green color. You may find it strange. It is a delicious,
refreshing summer cocktail. The Diabolo is a glass of homemade lemonade or French
File:Diabolo menthe à Montmartre (7499547216).jpg - Wikipedialemonade mixed with a little bit of Teisseire syrup. It can come with different flavors like mint
(minthe, it gives the name of it), grenadine, strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit and many
more. You can have that drink and while sipping it, you will feel the freshness of going out of
the sea with your salty hair and having a cold shower right after it. To sum up, you can go to
that place to hang out with your friends, do your homework, study, whatever you would like to
do. It is a very nice place, I truly recommend it.

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