Calmness In History

Everybody thinks going on aholiday is going to the beach where you do nothing. Or do you do nothing?

Every year some of us go to those expensive resorts. We sunbath, eat and do many nice activities. Rather than that we are sleeping. On other hand some of us go to historical sites where there are many new things to learn. Yeah, the first idea might sound better but none of us think about self improvement. By sunbathing or doing nothing does not make us better but it makes us feel even more tired.

While you are just looking around and learning new things you can improve your knowledge. Not just that but the more we see new places the more we will know about other cultures. It does not have to be an museum or a ruin but you can go to places that you are more interested in like art galleries. You may not like them but even going to an amusement park in an other country will make you learn new things. You can socialize with other people and practice your English.

Sun, beach,pool these words may sound so nice but they are actually the stuffs which make you wanna sleep more. These kind of holidays are usually for people who likes calm places. But rather than calmness there is nothing so attractive.

Holidays are so exaggerated by people. In the end of the year finally you have time to spend for yourself and you just wanna sleep rather than learning interesting things. You go there and spend time for like an month. In the end you go and brag about it. That is just it but when you actually learn something you have more things to brag about. You know things that they do not even heard about. Not just you searched but you saw it.

I think historical sites are better even if I like resorts better. When I come to my hometown I wanna say that I did something usefull and productive now I can travel to new places and get to know their cultur rather than saying I am tanned. That is a personal choice but if you wish for calmness and fun historical places are the best for you.


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