Do I think that humanity can stop global warming? No, absolutely not. Some people even think global warming isn’t happening. I mean if we started to act now, we would probably be done in 40 – 50 years because of the absolute damage we did to our planet. Instead of making Earth a livable place we are trying to escape it, we did all this damage and now we are trying to find a better planet to live in. If it was an option, I would not want to be a human because of their selfishness and unawareness. To be honest we would probably become aware of this situation in about 10 – 20 years when it becomes very negative. And by than we could probably not be able to save it. We have already made species in the ocean, land and skies extinct. People keep blaming natural causes for animal species extinction, but the truth is that it was all of us. We are the ones that keeps polluting the beautiful landscapes and oceans of our world, we are the ones that hunt animals down like there are endless many of them. How do we “stop” global warming? Well we can start using Nano factories which doesn’t pollute the air, we can stop using unrecyclable materials like; plastic bags, plastic bottles, basically everything thats made from plastic etc. We can also stop polluting every inch of earth with toxic waste. Thank You For Your Attention.

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