When I dream of receiving a large sum of money, the first thing that comes to mind is my childhood dreams.
 When I remember my childhood, what I wanted to do in the future could be to open a candy store or open an art exhibition.
 But right now, when I have a large amount of money, the things I want to do will be things that keep up with the time.

When making a decision, we have to consider the era we live in. Because in the age we live in
 it is impossible to get benefit by simply doing a job. Whatever you have an interest in, you have to add a piece of yourself to it,
 so you have to use your creativity.

In this case, I would make a choice that combines my field of interest, my creativity and the features that meet the conditions of the age. Shortly, NFT(Non-Fungible Token).

NFTs are a unit of data stored in a digital ledger called a blockchain that confirms that a digital asset is unique and therefore not interchangeable.

Features of  NFT :
Cannot be copied
It works with Ethereum.
Anyone can save, but not everyone can truly own it.
It is more liberal than other art fields.
It cannot be exchanged.
The value of the work is determined by the manufacturer
NFT offers artists a way out. Blockchain, with its effortless structure, ensures that the works are accessible to everyone, while NFT preserves the originality of the works.
Audio recording, video, gif and image can be converted to NFT. 
Nowadays, technology has an undeniable place on our lives. There is no doubt that technology will become much more important in our lives in the future.
and I think that the future will be built in the virtual world , VR technology will gain more importance day by day. Investing in this area early can allow me to make more money and help people more.
In short, what is rare is valuable, but you create both the abundance and the rarity.
 You must create the rare before you create it.
 One of the areas where collectors have invested money in the NFT world lately is PIXEL ART.
 While this digital art is being performed, if you have 1000 PIXEL people and one of them is ALIEN, the alien can be sold for very large sums of money.
 Here you have created your own rarity. 
As a result, in my opinion, investing in the field of technology will provide great benefits for both humanity and art.
 It will also add a new philosophy and way of thinking to people's view of art In the future
the spread of this field may also eliminate income inequality in a sense.


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