Can Robots Take Our Job?

Robots are technological devices that we use in industry, health and agriculture. Humanoid and normal robots look like they are living but they don’t have everything that an organism has for now, but maybe they will have in the future. Robots are commonly used in the industry like in factories. For example, making a car. Or packaging, making chocolate or vaccination. Robots are not just used in industry, they are used for healthcare, too. MRI, scanning body, trying to find problems and solving them, etc. That’s not enough for using technology, right? We use technology in our daily life and robots are a part of it. But there is a problem: Can they take our job? Well, look at everywhere randomly, do you see a technological device? They may not be a robot but they actually make some jobs disappear. Computers, for example. While I am writing this blog, I made: The ones which produce paper have less bounty, or the ones who sell pencils? Okay, that was just a little example. In the early times, people used to work more to produce a car. They also had some robots but not too much. So more people worked and they could earn money. But now we give 75% of our jobs to robots. It causes people to get poorer. Look at Turkey’s unemployment list. It’s too much. To decrease this number, we can decrease the number of using robots. But the world is changing too fast, and how could we change it?  In the future, robots may take our jobs. And maybe years later, they may start a war. I think you’ll say, how can robots be not man-made or under human control? They may have free intelligence because humans could add censor or feeling codes and every ability of people, or even more than people. Then, they will understand that they have more power than us. But let’s turn to our topic: Yes, robots can take our job and actually they did before. What do you think about it?


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